Starlight® UV Guard

UV-stabilized polyester yarn for protection against solar radiation

Starlight® UV Guard polyester yarn characteristics:
  • UV GUARD is a UV-stabilized polyester yarn designed for protection against solar exposure and solar radiation.
  • Colour stability and fastness guaranteed.
  • After exposure, residual resistance comparable to that of traditional acrylic products.
  • Anti-UV property incorporated into the polymer itself; no post-treatment needed.
  • Total versatility: available in all dyed yarns PET versions.
  • No deterioration during maintenance treatments.
  • Free of harmful substances.
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.

Starlight® UV Guard yarn is a PET polyester yarn that is stabilized against polymer chain deterioration caused by UV radiation. Through a special production process, anti-UV characteristics are incorporated into the polymer so as to become an intrinsic property of the polymer.

About 10% of solar energy is radiated as ultraviolet rays. The earth's atmosphere absorbs most of the UV radiation and only 6% of it reaches the surface of the planet. Starlight® UV Guard protects against the effects of solar radiation.

UV radiation causes the deterioration of standard PET polymer bonds, thereby weakening the fibres. Starlight® UV Guard absorbs and dissipates the UV rays, thus limiting the deterioration of the polyester yarn. 

Laboratory tests clearly show that Starlight® UV Guard exhibits superior resistance to solar radiation. If we compare, for instance, electronic scanning images of polyester yarn after sun exposure for an equivalent 2.5 years (Florida) according to the ISO105-B4 standard, Starlight® UV Guard yarn looks much less deteriorated than any of the other standard PET yarns.

Fabrics made with Starlight® UV Guard also prevent the formation of undesirable wavy patterns, creases and deformation on the fabric surface and along seams. 

Starlight® UV Guard can be combined with Starlight® feel bacteriostatic characteristics to produce a product that has anti-UV plus fungicidal and anti-mildew properties. Adding Starlight® feel fungicide and anti-mildew functionalities to Starlight® UV Guard yarn actually improves the performance of the product. The advantage of the Starlight® UV Guard + Starlight® Bacteriostatic combination is that it noticeably increases the yarn's resistance to weathering. 

Finally, by combining Starlight® UV Guard with Starlight ® FR, we can give the anti-UV yarn flame retardant characteristics.

Safety and environmental protection are ensured all along the Starlight® UV Guard production chain.

The product does not contain toxic substances, and most of the products are Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified.

NOYFIL SA Solution Dyeing Technology
  • Colour and additives integrated into the fibre.
  • Highest colour fastness (colour chart specifications available).
  • Colour consistency ensured.
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to traditional dyeing processes.
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.