Specialty polyamide (PA6.6) engineering polymers. The main characteristics of these materials are high mechanical properties, a smaller change in properties in case of moisture absorption and excellent surface appearance.

Radistrong® products are polyamide engineering plastics reinforced using long-fibre technology (LFT) to enhance their performance for special applications.


PA6 and PA6.6 LFT specialities

The RadiciGroup Plastics product portfolio has been expanded with new LFT products added to the Radistrong® range, among which a number of PA6 and PA6.6 thermoplastic specialities.

Radistrong long-glass-fibre (LGF) materials are produced in the form of pellets typically 7 to 12 mm long, by a special pultrusion process. Moulded parts made with Radistrong® have better glass-fibre distribution, with a length/diameter ratio up to 10 times greater than that of traditional fibre-reinforced materials.


LFT engineering plastics with enhanced mechanical properties

The structural characteristics of Radistrong® enhance mechanical properties, such as stiffness and tensile strength, noticeably boost finished product performance, particularly at high temperatures, and more than double the impact strength.

In the long term, the excellent mechanical properties of these materials make them the right choice for components that may be subject to fatigue or creep.

Engineering plastics for metal replacement

Radistrong engineering plastics are suitable for exacting structural applications, typically replacing light die-cast alloys (aluminium, zamak and magnesium) or sheet metal shaped by plastic deformation.

Injection moulding of Radistrong products

Radistrong® materials can be processed with the standard injection moulding presses and tools used for the injection moulding of reinforced thermoplastics, with the proviso that process parameters and mould design must be fine-tuned so as to minimize stress on the melt.

See the Radistrong long-fibre reinforced engineering plastics technical data sheets, view the other RadiciGroup Plastics products.