One of the world’s leading polyamide and polyester engineering plastics manufacturers.

RadiciGroup is one of the most qualified multinational businesses in the plastics production industry and in the manufacturing of chemical, synthetic fibre and nonwoven products. RadiciGroup produces and supplies polyamide and polyester engineering plastics across the globe thanks to a sales network that covers all continents.   


Engineering plastics production

The eight plastics production facilities of RadiciGroup are strategically spread across three continents: Europe, two sites in Italy, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands; Asia, with a site in China; South America, with a site in Brazil; and North America, with sites in the US and Mexico. 


Engineering plastics production: with its upstream vertically integrated production, state-of-the-art technology and a global sales network, RadiciGroup is able to better meet its customers’ needs and track the entire process, from manufacturing to quality control, passing through research and technological development support.


RadiciGroup plastics products are used in the automotive, electrical/electronics, household appliance, construction and industrial applications.


RadiciGroup engineering plastics

RadiciGroup produces a complete range of engineering plastics with varying characteristics to suit the application needs of the automotive, electrical/electronics, construction and industrial sectors.


RadiciGroup current engineering plastics production includes:


Polyamide engineering plastics
Polyester (polybutylene terephthalate) engineering plastics
Polyacetal (acetal copolymer) engineering plastics
Thermoplastic elastomers

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RadiciGroup engineering plastics sales network

The RadiciGroup engineering plastics production sector is supported by a global sales network  that responds promptly to all customer demands.


The RadiciGroup Plastics sales structure is made up of sales units spread across the main markets and a network of distributors and agents in every country.


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