Group Policy

Accountability, transparency and ethical conduct: these are the cornerstones of the RadiciGroup Sustainability Policy.

Sostenibilità RadiciGroupSustainable development and corporate social responsibility are the goals of the Group’s business activities, day in and day out.

Through participation in the Responsible Care programme, observance of REACH regulations and definition of shared ethical guidelines, RadiciGroup strives to optimize its sustainability performance.

Every year – since 2004 - RadiciGroup has renewed its commitment to communicate all Responsible Care programme results transparently and clearly, in the Group’s Social Report.

Sostenibilità RadiciGroupIn 2008 the name of the Group’s Social Report was changed to the Sustainability Report. This decision confirms the Group’s intention, in its continuing commitment to improve its performance in sustainability, to include not only social, but also environmental issues, which are among the major concerns a socially responsible company should have today.

This change reflects the new path the group intends to follow in order to progress from a REACTIVE approach, dictated by market demands and current laws and regulations, to a PROACTIVE approach, dictated by greater awareness of the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability in terms of ethics and strategy.