RadiciGroup: Quality in Action.

Reliability, fairness and transparency. Putting people at the centre of everything RadiciGroup does.

These are some of the distinctive features of RadiciGroup. The Group’s business operations have always been based on values and conduct aimed at safeguarding and promoting health and safety in the workplace, respect for the environment and real sustainable development.

Through the continual improvement of its business activities, communication transparency, and product and service quality and performance, RadiciGroup’s main mission is the satisfaction of its stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and the local communities where it operates.

Such a policy, however, cannot be implemented without diligently observing environmental and worker health and safety regulations, as well as regulations aimed at the prevention of incidents that could harm products and/or production processes. To this end, RadiciGroup has adopted Quality, Health and Safety, Energy and Environmental Management Systems at its companies. These systems are certified by accredited certifying bodies and are based on well-defined procedures, which are understood by everyone at all levels of the organization. Furthermore, the adopted management systems are subject to continual improvement in line with technical advancements, the latest scientific knowledge and market demand.

To ensure the quality of the products and services supplied, the Group has adopted tools, such as Six Sigma methodology, to implement robust and reliable processes, capable of reducing or preventing non-conformities and meeting the most stringent requirements.

As regards the environment, RadiciGroup has long striven for continuous improvement in performance and has achieved visible and measurable results, by investing funds and human and technological resources for monitoring and reducing its environmental footprint and encouraging the environmental commitment of its customers and suppliers. To this aim, the Group has taken into consideration its entire supply chain and has measured the environmental footprint of its main products and services. Moreover, whenever possible, it has applied principles inspired by eco-design and the circular economy.

RadiciGroup management is aware that its workers’ health and safety is a priority and of central importance – market success and productivity notwithstanding. Group management ensures compliance with safety standards provided for by the applicable laws and regulations and has long pursued an agenda of enhancing prevention and control in order to reduce accident risks. Furthermore, management promotes transparency and collaboration in relations with local authorities and communities.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, RadiciGroup will be reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) according to the guidelines set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading internationally recognized framework for reporting economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Moreover, to raise the sense of awareness and responsibility of its employees as for the abovementioned principles, to encourage people to act according to such principles, RadiciGroup continuously invests in specific training programmes.
This Group Policy is supplemented by the policies of the individual Group companies, as well as by the guidelines set forth in the annual Sustainability Reports.

Angelo Radici, President
Maurizio Radici, Vice President