Polyamide and polyester flame-retardant thermoplastic engineering polymers for injection moulding and extrusion.

The Radiflam® product range comprises flame-retardant thermoplastic engineering polymers based on polyamides and polyesters suitable for applications where safety requires resistance to flame spread.


Flame-retardant thermoplastic compounds for injection moulding and extrusion

Radiflam® thermoplastic compounds – based on PA6, PA6.6, specialty PAs and PBT – are the ideal solution for the manufacture of moulded parts requiring specific physical and mechanical performance characteristics, as well as flame resistance and flame retardancy in order to ensure the safety of people and property.

Radiflam® flame-retardant thermoplastic engineering polymers can be processed by injection moulding. Moreover, Radiflam® products for extrusion moulding have recently been developed. Typical applications for the latter materials include: cable connectors, housings, electrical/electronic parts, automotive parts, such as connectors, and also safety parts for the industrial and construction sectors.


UL-certified Radiflam® flame-retardant engineering thermoplastics

Radiflam® products meet Underwriters Laboratories requirements for a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating. Most of the grades available on the market are UL-listed and have been issued a UL Yellow Card.

Engineering polymers with flame-retardant additives for any application need

Five different flame-retardant additives are used in Radiflam® flame-retardant engineering polymers depending on customer needs, safety regulations and the application characteristics of the finished part.

More in detail, the Radiflam® product range includes:

  • Radiflam® HF: reinforced, flame-retarded, halogen- and phosphorous-free products with excellent mechanical and electrical properties, excellent flame-retardant characteristics and low specific weight; dyeable.
  • Radiflam® AF: reinforced products flame-retarded with red phosphorous additive, featuring good mechanical and electrical properties; available only in natural (dark red) or black.
  • Radiflam® FR: unreinforced, flame-retarded, halogen- and phosphorous-free products with good flame-retardant characteristics and incandescent wire resistance; dyeable to several colours.
  • Radiflam® AE: products flame-retarded with halogen derivatives, featuring excellent resistance and incandescent wire resistance, good heat stability and dyeability; compound density greater than other product families.
  • Radiflam® RV-FR: reinforced products flame-retarded with inorganic additives, featuring good flame-retardant properties, low optical density and low fume toxicity; particularly suitable for transportation and railway applications. Modest mechanical properties (impact strength, in particular) and high specific weight.


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