Synthetic fibres and nonwovens: long-established customer-oriented know-how

Through its Synthetic Fibres & Nonwovens Business Area (Performance Yarn, Comfort Fibres and Extrusion Yarn), RadiciGroup is a leading European manufacturer of a wide range synthetic fibres – products developed by capitalizing on its excellence and know-how in chemicals. Quality, technological innovation, performance and sustainability are the key distinctive elements of the RadiciGroup product portfolio: polyamide yarn and staple fibre, polyester and acrylic yarns, and nonwovens.  
In over seventy years in business since the founding of its first company in 1941, RadiciGroup has evolved and grown from a small textile company into a global enterprise with the capability of developing the best solutions for any application need of its customers.
Located in Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland) and South America (Argentina and Brazil), the RadiciGroup companies engaged in the production of synthetic fibres and nonwovens ensure the highest degree of flexibility, high technical content, high-quality raw materials and formulations, advanced production technologies and a broad product range. In addition, increasingly more highly customized products, top-notch service and fast delivery times. Above all, RadiciGroup means reliability and continuity.

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