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Polyamide and polyester yarn for the sport sector

Besides artificial grass yarn and engineering plastics for sports accessories (shoes, protection gear and equipment), RadiciGroup manufactures numerous other products used for technical sportswear, particularly its leading product lines: polyamide yarn and polyester yarn, each suited to different applications.


Polyamide, one of the best performing fibres on the market and better known as nylon, is particularly ideal for intimatewear and hosiery in that it ensures lightness, skin contact comfort, excellent moisture absorption and breathability. RadiciGroup’s offering comprises raw and solution-dyed yarns, with yarn counts from 15 to 200 denier, and lustre from extra-bright to super-dull. The range of cross sections includes classic circular, bright triangular (better light transmission) and multilobal (ability to absorb and wick away perspiration). Nylon yarn can be used with all processing technologies (hosiery knitting, circular knitting, orthogonal weaving and seamless knitting).

On the other hand, garments made with polyester yarn feature excellent tenacity and resilience, high abrasion resistance and good resistance to chemical and physical agents (all important features during game play). Because of its properties, polyester is often used to make T-shirts, jerseys and shorts. Polyester fibres are also hydrophobic and thus dry very quickly, a characteristic that is very much appreciated during sports activities that may last for hours.
Polyester yarn can be used in different seamless technologies, circular knitting, and orthogonal weaving. Polyester fabric can be customized with any kind of printing, which is of crucial importance for the “look” of the garments.

The RadiciGroup portfolio includes a wide range of polyester yarn – including yarn made from certified recycled PET – in a huge selection of colours (both yarn-dyed and solution-dyed). Custom-tailored yarn can also be supplied for small lot orders. Among the most recent innovations for the world of competitive sport is ceramic polyester yarn, which may enhance endurance by reducing muscular fatigue.

Some yarns can be endowed with special functionalities, such as anti-bacterial, anti-odour, anti-bug and UV protection.

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