High Performance Polymers

Technical documentation and information

The RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers Business Area produces a wide range of engineering polymers thermoplastic elastomers and compounds used in all industrial sectors, from automotive to electrical/electronics and furnishings.

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RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, leading global supplier of high-performance thermoplastics, offers a comprehensive range of engineering grades targeted for water equipment suppliers.


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Customized technical support contributing to the success of innovative projects, including metal replacement applications, realized using RADILON®, RADITECK®, RADISTRONG®, RADIFLAM® and RADITER® engineering plastics. This is what RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers can offer its customers, thanks to its state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering (CAE) virtual simulation tools and the experience of its technical specialists.

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PA6.6-based compounds including improved heat-resistance specialities (Torzen® Marathon) for automotive, electrical - electronic, industrial and consumer applications.



RADILON® AESTUS – product based on Polyphthalamide (PPA). High Performance PPA compounds, featuring exceptional thermal and chemical resistance, as well as dimensional stability and low sensibility to moisture absorption. PPA exhibits excellent stiffness, strength and resistance to creep, fatigue and hydrolysis. 

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RADITECK® P – product based on Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). High performance PPS compounds, featuring exceptional chemical and thermal resistance, as well as dimensional stability. Main applications in the automotive and electrical-electronic sectors along with consumer goods.



Founded in 1981 in Italy on the cornerstone of RadiciGroup’s polyamide upstream integration, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has grown into a global manufacturer of a complete range of engineering plastics to meet the needs of many industries including Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Furnishing, Consumer Goods.



RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has developed a Radilon® family of manufacturing. The new materials meet the requirements of a market that is increasingly products and processing technologies. RadiciGroup’s upstream vertical integration enables full control over the design of these special materials from the very beginning, that is, from the polymerization stage at the RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals polyamide production plants.



RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers offers a wide range of polyamide engineering polymers used in a great variety of automotive, electrical/electronics, industrial and consumer goods applications.


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The Radilon® molecular chain PA6.10 grades that have been developed for injection moulding and extrusion. These products, made with 64% renewable source materials, are polymerized from hexamethylenediamine and sebacic acid at RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals plants and then compounded at various RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers production sites located all over the world.



RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers introduces a series of high performance PA and PPA products for use in the most critical components of car cooling systems: radiator tanks, thermostat housings, water hoses and inlet/outlet pipes.



RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers offers PA6.6 materials – sold under the Torzen® Marathon, Radiflam® HHR and Radilon® HHR brand names – capable of withstanding continuous use at temperatures of up to 210°C in air.


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Based on its extensive experience with flame retardant technologies, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers offers a wide range of semi-crystalline products specifically for electrical and electronic applications.