RadiciGroup: one of the world’s most experienced polyamide manufacturers.

RadiciGroup is one of the most experienced polyamide producers in the global chemical sector. Its product portfolio includes: polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6, polyamides 6.10 and 6.12 (Radipol®), adipic acid, nitric acid and hexamethylenediamine (Radichem®).

Technological innovation aimed at enhancing and optimizing conventional processes, the building of new plants, dynamism, entrepreneurial capabilities, technical competencies, flexibility and ability to react to market needs.


These are the keys to RadiciGroup’s successful growth in the chemicals industry.


Our production plants enable us to provide customers with a complete solution to their needs.

The two plants in Villa d’Ogna and Casnigo (BG) produce polyamide 6 from caprolactam and are integrated downstream with spinning plants.


The core of the RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals Business Area has always been the historic production site in Novara, covering a total area of over 350,000 square meters, which chiefly produces polyamide 6.6. This plant is a brilliant example of vertically integrated polyamide 6.6 production, starting with the production of monomers, adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine, and the chemicals needed to produce them, nitric acid and hydrogen.

Zeitz, Germany, is the site of a modern RadiciGroup chemical factory with technologically advanced systems for the production of adipic acid. At the Zeitz site, production starts further upstream, not only with nitric acid but also the raw material needed for adipic acid production, namely KA oil, a cyclohexanol /cyclohexanone mixture.

At the Novara site, the RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals Business Area has recently developed a production process for long-chain polyamides, such as PA6.10 and PA6.12.  A small plant was designed and built for continuous production of salts, other than AH salt, and intermediates for the production of AA-BB type polyamides, different from PA6.6.


Below is a chart showing the vertically integrated production cycle at the Novara site.


RadiciGroup owns compounding and spinning companies, which makes it a downstream-integrated industrial company, as well. This is why the RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals Business Area has established itself as a leading producer of polyamides 6 and polyamides 6.6, developed to meet the needs of both internal and external customers. 


In the chemicals market, RadiciGroup’s sales sites in Mendrisio and Shanghai sell its products in geographical areas all over the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America.

The RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals Business Area produces PA6 and PA6.6 polymers, sold under the brand name Radipol®, and chemicals, such as adipic acid, nitric acid, hexamethylenediamine, 6.6 salt, AGS dicarboxylic acid mixture and dicarboxylic acid esters, sold under the brand name Radichem®.