PLA Biopolymer yarn, solution dyed, bacteriostatic effect.

CornLeaf characteristics:
  • CornLeaf is a new product based on Ingeo™ PLA biopolymer
  • Solution dyed filament yarn with antimicrobial properties.
  • The bacteriostatic properties are certified and tested with reference to the standard ISO 20743:2007.
  • Antimicrobial functionality provided by silver ions incorporated in the fibre; new generation compound used.
  • Available in a wide color range, with high light and wash fastness
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.

CornLeaf is a “GREEN” product.
Thanks to Noyfil’s solution dyeing technology during the spinning process, the production of CornLeaf require lower water and Energy consumption compared to traditional dyeing and finishing treatments.

CornLeaf is a biopolymer combining the advantages of natural and synthetic fibres.

  • Natural: Polymer made from corn.
  • Biodegradable: 100% compostable.
  • Lightweight: Specific weight less than for natural fibres.
  • Tenacity: Comparable to synthetic yarns.
  • Comfort: More hygroscopic than synthetic fibres and faster drying than natural fibres.
  • Wearability: Elastic recovery greater than 90% after 5% extension.
  • UV Resistance: Excellent; UV radiation is dissipated.
  • Safety: Low flammability (LOI > 26%); does not emit toxic fumes.
  • Bacteriostatic effect: released silver ions exert their antimicrobial action.

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NOYFIL SA Solution Dyeing Technology
  • Colour and additives integrated into the fibre.
  • Highest colour fastness (colour chart specifications available).
  • Colour consistency ensured.
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to traditional dyeing processes.
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.

CornLeaf is powered by HEIQ Materials. For more information, visit HEIQ web site.


CornLeaf biopolymer fits well all the requests from the market about eco-friendly products as bags for laptop and mobile phone, underwear or furnishings.