The company

Noyfil SA is an integral part of RadiciGroup, one of Italy’s leading chemical multinationals.

RadiciGroup's worldwide business activities focus on chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibres and textiles. One of the Group’s strong points is its synergistic vertical integration, particularly of its polyamide production chain.

Noyfil SA, located in Ticino, Switzerland, is part of the Group’s Fibres Area and boasts over thirty years of experience in the production and sale of continuous polyester yarn.

The company specializes in the production of polyester POY (partially oriented yarn), drawn yarn, and solution-dyed and additioned FDY (fully drawn yarn) in customized micro lots starting from 200 kg. The plant produces about 30,000 tons per year of standardrecycled andmodified polyester yarn. Solution-dyed yarn makes up 80% of total production, and part of the yarn is functionalized by the addition of additives (anti-UV, anti-bacterial, etc.)