Starlight® FR

Produced from the polymer Zeroxy™, which improves the product's polyester flame retardant performances, fulfils the requirements of specific classes of fabrics.

Starlight® FR polyester flame retardant characteristics:
  • High-performance polyester flame retardant (FR).
  • Comparable to all the flame retardant products present on the market today.
  • Polyester flame retardant property incorporated; no post-treatment needed.
  • No deterioration during maintenance treatments.
  • Total versatility: available in all solution-dyed PET versions in combination with UV Guard and Starlight® feel functionalities.
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.

Starlight® FR yarn is produced from the modified polymer Zeroxy™, which improves the product's flame retardant performance and fulfils the requirements of specific classes of fabrics. Polyester flame retardant characteristics are incorporated into the Zeroxy™ polymer and become an intrinsic property of the polymer itself.

The fire safety or flammability of a material is measured by the Limit Oxygen Index (LOI), that is, the lowest concentration of oxygen, expressed as a percentage, that will support sustained combustion of the material in a given environment. The concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is about 21%. Fibres with LOI values greater than 21% (Critical Oxygen Index or COI) will have less tendency to burn in the atmosphere.

As Starlight® FR Zeroxy™ polyester is among the fibres with the highest LOI, it is suitable for all those applications that required flame retardant properties.

Starlight® FR flame retardant characteristics can also be combined with Starlight® feel bacteriostatic functionality and/or Starlight UV Guard UV stabilization.

NOYFIL SA Solution Dyeing Technology
  • Colour and additives integrated into the fibre.
  • Highest colour fastness (colour chart specifications available).
  • Colour consistency ensured.
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to traditional dyeing processes.
  • Oekotex Std 100 Class 1 available upon request.


Furniture coverings
Tablecloths/Place mats
Public contracts
Public contracts
Protective clothing