Nonwoven covers and soundproofing systems

All’interno di un’auto, circa 3,7 metri quadrati sono composti da non tessuto, il quale, oltre ad essere usato per realizzare sedili, airbag e rinforzi per pneumatici, permette di ottenere anche validi sistemi di insonorizzazione.

Around 3.7 square metres inside a car are made of nonwovens. Apart from being used for seats, airbags and tyre reinforcements, nonwovens also have very good soundproofing properties.

RadiciGroup Dylar® nonwovens are perfect for this application and for making acoustic soundproofing systems. Dylar® nonwovens are resistant to humid conditions, sharp temperature variations and UV rays. They are also thin and lightweight, ideal for interior soundproofing applications.  

The wide range of colours available, their resistance and their anti-static and flame-retardant properties make Dylar® nonwovens the perfect solution for exterior car covers.

Insulation - Car cover
A-UV – High Technical Properties