RadiciGroup engineering polymers

RadiciGroup engineering polymers are used for the manufacture of a variety of engine components, all requiring excellent structural characteristics.

Many metal components have been progressively replaced in view of the many advantages that high performance polymers afford. To cite just one example: polymers allow for the creation of complex shapes, as well as the integration of multiple components/functions into a single module. Replacing metals with enhanced high performance polymers has also become a viable option for components such as engine supports and oil sumps.


The products of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers Business Area are excellent alternatives for metal replacement in the manufacture of under-the-bonnet parts, which are subjected to increasingly higher temperatures due to the introduction of new generation engines. The latter are smaller than older generation engines and confined in more restrictive spaces, yet capable of generating much higher power.                           

Tensile fatigue vs. Tensile strength

A wide selection of materials to meet any need

Owing to continuous investment in research, development and innovation, RadiciGroup can offer several lines of engineering polymers.

The Radilon® and Torzen ranges, comprising the Radilon® HHR, Radilon® Aestus and Torzen Marathon lines, were specifically designed to withstand continuous operation in a high-temperature environment for up to 3,000 hours or more.  These materials are used to manufacture various under-bonnet components, including hot side turbo pipes, air intake manifolds, engine covers, resonators and intercooler trays.


Radistrong® is the family of polymer materials featuring superior fatigue and creep resistance. The Radistrong® A version also has improved surface appearance. These materials are recommended for replacement of metals exposed to hot air temperatures of up to 160 - 170°C.

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