From car mats to seats. RadiciGroup synthetic fibres and nonwovens produce high-quality components.

The interior of a vehicle is the space that accommodates passengers, so it needs to be safe and comfortable. RadiciGroup offers a wide range of products that are perfect for manufacturing car mats, interior upholstery and trunk and seat covers.
Car mats
Choosing RadiciGroup products (PA6.6 BCF yarn and dorix® staple fibre) to manufacture car mats means choosing a high-performance solution with excellent abrasion resistance, uniformity, resilience and a wide range of colours.
Radifloor® Automotive
Interior upholstery 
Specifically developed with a view to quality, safety and sustainability, RadiciGroup products (continuous polyester yarns) are the perfect choice to make the best trunk and interior upholstery. 
RadiciGroup synthetic fibres are ideal for manufacturing seat covers. They are resistant to UV rays and to abrasion and are also fireproof and bacteriostatic.
Along with its yarns, RadiciGroup also offers Dylar® nonwovens, an excellent, high-performance solution for seat covers and seat spring covers.
Dylar® Seat