Engineering plastics, yarns, staple fibres and nonwovens specifically designed for the automotive sector

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RadiciGroup has always paid keen attention to the application needs of its customers. This is why it is constantly committed to studying new solutions that adapt to the increasing demands of the market.

In the automotive sector this attention takes the shape of high-performance products with excellent mechanical properties. A broad range of engineering plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens that are used in many automotive component applications: from engine to car seats, from tyres to airbags.


Engine - RadiciGroup engineering plastics are a perfect substitute for metals in engines. They are ideal for the production of components that need to be lightweight but resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. [CONTINUE TO READ]
Interior - RadiciGroup synthetic fibres and nonwovens are used for manufacturing fireproof, insulating, waterproof and abrasion-resistant products, ideal for car mats and for trunk and seat covers. [CONTINUE TO READ]
Airbags - RadiciGroup synthetic fibres and nonwovens ensure high resistance performance. This is why they are ideal for the production of front and side airbags.  [CONTINUE TO READ]
Tyres - RadiciGroup synthetic fibres are ideal for the production of tyre reinforcement fabric [CONTINUE TO READ]
Soundproofing systems and covers - RadiciGroup nonwovens are used for manufacturing external car covers and soundproofing systems for car interiors.  [CONTINUE TO READ]
Connectors and Ducts - Resistance to high temperature and chemical agents are just a few of the main performance characteristics guaranteed by RadiciGroup engineering plastics, ideal for the production of fuel line connectors, clutch ducts and brake vacuum pipes. Its synthetic fibres are instead ideal for reinforcing hydraulic hoses. [CONTINUE TO READ]
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