Products for the furnishings industry

RadiciGroup has always been a leader in developing innovative, high technology projects in partnership with its customers, in order to better meet the new application needs and demands of the furnishings sector.
Spaces designed to be functional, starting with the choice of materials, contribute to enhancing the wellbeing of the people who live and work there. For this reason, RadiciGroup keeps up with the needs of the market and is always interested in collaborating with designers to merge the technological quality of its products with the aesthetics of the design, with a special focus on ecodesign.
RadiciGroup offers numerous solutions for the furnishing sector: from polyamide yarn and staple fibre to polyester and acrylic yarn, nonwovens and engineering plastics. These semi-finished goods can be used to manufacture end products (carpets, curtains, awnings and plastic components) combining high performance, technological innovation and sustainability.
RadiciGroup | Arredamento - Exterior
RadiciGroup | Arredamento - Exterior
RadiciGroup | Arredamento - Workplace