Home appliances

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has provided for many years solutions for the home appliances market that are cost effective, reliable and suitable for high productivity end products.

Applications such as  power module housings for refrigerators or dish washers requiring material robustness & flame retardant properties; oven ventilation ducts requiring high thermal and chemical resistance or washing machine door levers requiring high fatigue resistance as well as excellent surface finish, electrovalves for large & small appliances requiring excellent water resistance as well as water potability compliance, are just a few examples of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers’s long track record in home appliances.
Washing machine drum
The home appliances market also requires products for applications that are food or even water compliant. In the last years there is an increasing trend to specify materials not only based on performance and regulatory compliance but that also include a more holistic approach to product design, such as:
  • Addressing potential risks when materials come in contact with food or water
  • Meeting consumer concerns or expectations that are not yet covered by government regulations  
  • Need for a global supply chain  
  • Environmental footprint