Drinking Water Approval

All RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers drinking water contact materials are designed to be compliant to the national requirements for potable water and meet the current regulations for food contact use (EU/FDA).

Drinking Water Approval
Although test methods and requirements can vary between different approval agencies, compliance is commonly tested based on stability in water at determined temperature by measuring the release of inorganic and organic substances due the migration in water from compounds as well as evaluating water odour, flavour and colour.
Standard Requirements
UK WRAS Microbial growth, organoleptic & chemical properties
DE KTW Organoleptic properties, migration tests
DE W270 Microbial growth
FR ACS Migration tests & cytotoxicity
USA NSF 61 Migration tests & site audit
RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers materials are approved by regulatory authorities based on grades, colour and sometimes the manufacturing site. Agency approval certification documents can be used by potable water equipment suppliers to facilitate potable water compliance of the final product. It is the responsibility of our customers to test and certify conformity of their products for the specific end –use.
For drinking water documentation requests please contact our local sales representative or alternatively send a mail to regulatoryaffairs.polymers@radicigroup.com