Low environmental impact polyamide compounds, made primarily with secondary raw materials (PA6, PA6.6) obtained from sorted and regenerated industrial scrap.

The Heramid® product range is made up of compounds obtained from raw materials that are selected and regenerated from industrial scrap. These products combine good performance with a minimal environmental footprint.

Eco-sustainable products created by RadiciGroup synergies

The development of the Heramid® product line was made possible by the synergies among the various RadiciGroup business areas. Heramid® PA6 and PA6.6 polyamide post-industrial products are made using raw materials obtained from the rejects produced by RadiciGroup polymerization, spinning and compounding plants. All the RadiciGroup business areas involved – High Performance Polymers, Specialty Chemicals and Synthetic Fibres – are very committed to the sustainability of their products, and the Heramid® product line is proof that the manufacture of PA6 and PA6.6 compounds can go hand in hand with care for the environment.

Eco-friendly compounds for injection moulding and extrusion

Each product in the Heramid® line has specific characteristics that make it suitable for the manufacture of components used by a particular industry, such as automotive.

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