Radici EcoMaterials

The circular economy, day by day

Radici Ecomaterials is consolidating its historic approach to mechanical recycling within RadiciGroup. Thanks to the modern technology in its plants, it can treat scraps of synthetic fibres and thermoplastic materials and obtain high-quality products.


This long-standing know-how, which is updated constantly to meet the requirements of the market and react to variations in incoming materials and rapid regulatory developments, has the aim – which has always been strategic for RadiciGroup – of using resources responsibly, optimising their useful life and reintroducing them to industrial production cycles.


The responsible approach to the use of resources isn’t limited to materials: Radici Ecomaterials has for a long time been equipped with state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels for energy self-generation, with the aim – shared by RadiciGroup as a whole – of completely decarbonising the energy used for processing in its plants.

The range of products treated includes materials both pre- and post-consumption.

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