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Limited impact products

materie riciclate
  • Manufactured using recycled raw materials: such materials, in the light of circular economy, find a second life after a mechanical recycling process and turn into high performance polymers.

Heramid®: technopolymers PA6 PA6.6

r-Starlight®: textile yarn of polyester

r-Radyarn®: textile yarn of polyester

fonti rinnovabili
  • Manufactured using clean energy, mainly hydroelectric power.

Radipol®: polymer PA6, PA6.6 and PA6.10

Radilon®: technopolymers PA6 and PA6.6

Heramid®: technopolymers PA6 and PA6.6

Radifloor®: wires BCF of PA6 and PA6.6

Radilon® staple fibers: staple of PA6

Radilon®: textile yarn of PA6 and PA6.6

Dylar®: non woven spundond based polypropylene

Radigreen®: wire for synthetic grass in PA

  • Manufactured using biopolymers obtained from renewable source materials not in competition with vegetable food cultivations.

Radilon® D: technopolymers PA6.10

Radilon® 6.10: textile yarn of PA6.10

Dorix® 6.10: staple of PA6.10

Radilon® PX: technopolymers

Biofeel: textile yarns bio-based

Dorix®: staple bio-based

Radifloor® PX: wires BCF bio-based

CornLeaf: wire derived from polymer based on polylactic acid

(PLA) Ingeo™

tintura in massa
  • Solution-dyed, saving water and energy thanks to dyeing pigments added directly during the polymer extrusion phase.

Radifloor®: wires BCF of PA6

Dorix®: staple of PA6

Radilon® staple fibers: staple of PA6

Radilon®: textile yarn of PA6 and PA6.6

Radyarn®/Starlight®: textile yarn of polyester

r-Radyarn®/r-Starlight®: textile yarn of polyester from recycled polymer

  • Recyclable products which, in a circular economy perspective, can be used as secondary.

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