Biofeel® Eleven

100% Bio from renewable sources


From RadiciGroup strong development capabilities and longstanding experience in the world of bio-based materials Biofeel® Eleven is born. This new product, part of the Biofeel® family, is a 100% bio-based yarn. 
Biofeel® eleven won the ISPO Textrends award for the Fall/Winter 2025/26 collections.
Biofeel® Eleven production cycle

The castor plant is a perennial flowering plant.


The beans contain about 45% oil that is rich mainly in ricinolein, from which the bio-polymer polyamide 11 is obtained.


This is the polymer RadiciGroup uses for its Biofeel® Eleven yarn.


The remaining cake is used as high efficient bio-fertilizer which returns to the soil.


Biofeel® Eleven unique performances

Biofeel® Eleven, due to its characteristics is the ideal ingredient brand for different applications.

RadiciGroup experts collaborate with customers to find the optimal solution for different sectors.


  • Limited water absorption
    Good dimensional stability due to low water absorption.
  • Light weight
    The low-density polymer allows the production of light weight fabrics.
  • Flexible
    Great resistance to permanent deformation under bending, lateral stress and strain.
  • Durable
    ood performance and long-lasting quality.
  • Pleasant to the touch
    Nice touch and comfort which give an exclusive feeling.
  • Chemical-resistant
    Highly resistant to harsh chemicals and conditions.

    Furthermore Biofeel® Eleven is…
  • Highly versatile
    It can be used with different technologies. For example: seamless, hosiery machines, circular knitting and weaving.



The Biofeel® Eleven applications
Fashion apparel Furniture Industrial applications
Sportswear Accessories Automotive
Intimate wear