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Radici Plastics Ltda
RadiciGroup has eight plastics production plants located on four continents and sales sites in many countries across the globe, so as to be close to its customers, understand their needs and be able to provide all the necessary assistance starting from the research and development stage. A local presence, in fact, allows our qualified technicians to be on hand and recommend the best RadiciGroup plastic compounds for the application in question in order to achieve the best possible performance.

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Radici Plastics Ltda
Brazil Araçariguama - Sao Paulo
BR - 18147-970 - Rua Giuseppe Marchiori, 497
Fax +55 11 41362166
Production of: PA6 and PA66 Engineering Plastics and copolymers (Radilon®, Radiflam®, Torzen®), PBT (Raditer®), TPEs (Heraflex®).
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