Domotex 2012

No. 01/2012

RadiciGroup Information Magazine
Year 17 Number 1
Voices –   Domotex 2012
In this issue…
  • Our challenge: Sustainability - PAGE.2
  • All the latest RadiciGroup yarn and staple fibre products for the contract and residential sectors are on display at Domotex 2012, the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings.
  • Radifloor® PA6 and PA66 BCF yarns, which have gained a dominant position in the European high-quality floor covering market thanks to their performance characteristics. RadiciGroup is also focusing on Radifloor® nylon 66 products, in particular the 1000- and 1300-dtex lines that were substantially redesigned and redeveloped during 2011. - PAGE.6
  • In the Radigreen® polyamide and polyolefin artificial grass yarn range, the focal points are MY Radigreen®, new and exclusive Radigreen® MFL PE monofilament shapes, and the Radigreen® MFL PA nylon monofilament line. - PAGE.9
  • A greater variety of colours and products in the dorix® and Radilon® staple fibre staple portfolio. RadiciGroup has enriched its dorix® range with new solution-dyed items and a broader selection of counts. - PAGE.11
  • Our new stand. - PAGE.12