A 1597-km thread winding through communities, languages, cultures, nations, different worlds united by a common denominator: RadiciGroup.

A novel look at the journey of our polyamide yarn with the aim of making viewers aware of the diverse social, cultural and industrial facets of our outstanding Group.
The documentary follows the journey of our polyamide carpet yarn from inception to the finished product. In addition to illustrating the various stages of the manufacturing process, this 30-minute film puts a face on the people of our companies—from the factory floor to the office—in the context of the community where they live.

The people and communities are shown or suggested with impressionistic brushstrokes and touches of light and colour that gradually create a vivid composition much more evocative than the typical static corporate promotional film.

A recipe for Bergamo casonsei (a local specialty), the arrival for the night shift at RadiciFil Casnigo, girls in a square in Podborany, the young and dynamic Logit Sro, Belgian factory workers who are the sons of Italian immigrant miners: the images of the film guide us to worlds that are revealed little by little with a delicate human touch.