Water, a precious resource we care for

RadiciGroup: solution-dyeing of yarns helps reduce water and energy consumption.
On World Environment Day, RadiciGroup highlights the concrete action taken towards business sustainability

Water is the source of life. Without this precious resource, life on Earth would not be possible. And neither would the existence of industries of all kinds – yarn manufacturing, in particular. On the occasion of World Environment Day – celebrated on 5 June – RadiciGroup wants to draw attention to the issue of saving water –“blue gold” – and point out some of the action taken by the man-made fibre industry.
The water footprint of synthetic fibres is way lower than that of cotton, wool or viscose products. That does not keep RadiciGroup – a multinational engaged in the production of a variety of polyester and polyamide yarns with numerous applications –  from fully committing to the constant monitoring and control of water resource consumption in its various processes, as well as bringing to the market yarn dyed by the solution-dyeing process, which requires less water and energy compared to traditional yarn dyeing or piece dyeing. In solution dyeing, the colour is added “upstream” in the extrusion phase, and is thus incorporated into the polymer matrix.
In this way, the environmental sustainability of the products offered to customers is enhanced during production.
This production chain can really be made sustainable through cooperation among all the players involved.Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies conducted by NOYFIL SA and NOYFIL SpA, Group companies engaged in the production of polyester fibres, have shown that solution-dyed yarns – both the versions obtained from virgin polymer (Starlight® / Radyarn®) and post-consumer recycled polymer (r-Starlight® /r-Radyarn®) – have a lower environmental impact than traditional yarn-dyed yarns.