The RadiciGroup “team” visits Nissan, at the Technical Centre Europe

The RadiciGroup “team” met for the first time last December 1 with the technicians of carmaker Nissan, at the Technical Centre Europe in Cranfield (UK).

RadiciGroup presented an integrated offer - from engineering plastics to synthetic fibres and nonwovens - to a major automotive company always looking for new high performance products with excellent mechanical properties.

In the morning, the RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area introduced the latest innovations in PA6, PA6.6, PA6.10 and PA6.12 engineering plastics, polyamides for high temperature applications and PPAs for various engine components. Thanks to its physical-mechanical and structural characteristics, polyamide is replacing metal In the automotive industry; in the face of new auto industry trends, such as smaller and more powerful engines, lower CO2 limits and reduced underhood space, PPAs respond with high thermal resistance, ease of processing and competitive pricing.


In the afternoon, the Nissan supplier day was dedicated to RadiciGroup's world of synthetic fibres: from polyamide 6, 6.6 and 6.10 to polyester yarns, high tenacity BCF yarns and spunbond nonwovens. These materials ensure high performance in the automotive sector as well, especially as regards car interiors.