The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is in full swing

The Detroit Auto Show opened to the public on Saturday, January 16, and runs through Sunday, January 24. Known officially as the North American International Auto Show, the event confirms its position among the top automotive trade shows in the world. On display at Detroit’s Cobo Hall, visitors can see all the new products, concept cars and new car models that are going to appear on the road during the upcoming months.

Over 50 debuts among the hundreds of vehicles showcased. Also on display at the Detroit show is a glaring contradiction of the America auto industry: environmental friendliness, advanced technology and innovation co-exist with the typical American passion for big-sized cars with very little hint of green. This contradiction is shared by all the market players. Despite the challenges the electric and hybrid car sector is up against (in 2015, the share of battery powered vehicles in the USA decreased to 2.4%, a 20% drop compared to 2014), there are numerous hybrid cars showcased at this year’s auto show in America’s motor town. After the taste of new technologies given to visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (6-9 January 2016) – battery powered cars with over 300 km on a single charge and fully autonomous self-driving cars –, the automakers of alternative propulsion vehicles are back in the spotlight at the Detroit auto show. Just a few examples: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, Chrysler Minivan Hybrid and Chevrolet Bolt Electric.  The US auto market reported very positive figures: in 2015 the automakers racked up 17,470,659 light-vehicle sales, beating the previous record of 17.40 million cars in 2000. Riding the wave of this sales upsurge, RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area continues its upward growth trend on the North American market.
“For us, the North American auto market is the number one market in terms of volume,” said Gianluigi Molteni, marketing & business development head of Radici Plastics Americas & Pacific. “In 2015, we had double-digit growth versus the previous year, and our development pipeline is strong. We have directed our efforts to align our product portfolio with automakers’ and suppliers’ requirements and standards, which are becoming more and more stringent in terms of fuel economy and environmental protection.”
 “The outlook for the North American auto segment is positive,” Mr. Molteni continued. “And so is the growth outlook for our products – from the old well-established ones to the new ones still in the development pipeline. However, the North America auto market depends on countries such as China, the South American countries, and Russia, and is thus exposed to possible negative effects arising from economic and social events in those countries. Caution and close monitoring of the situation are essential.”
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