The Future of Fashion: sustainability, traceability and style with RadiciGroup advanced textile solutions

Radilon Chill-fit parades at the Imperial Forum Museum during the Phygital Sustainability Expo


RadiciGroup participated in the fifth edition of Phygital Sustainability Expo, a leading event in the fashion industry entirely dedicated to the ecological transition of fashion and design brands through technological innovation, which was held in Rome on 4 and 5 June.


For the third year in a row RadiciGroup was present, along with other representatives of the institutional world, businesses and consumers, in order to witness the Group’s ongoing commitment to a fashion that channels not only individual expression, but conveys also a positive change for the planet.


During the narrated fashion show, held in the evening of Tuesday, June 4 in the evocative archaeological site of the Imperial Forum Museum, RadiciGroup presented in fact a stylish, versatile and durable outfit, able to adapt to constantly changing situations.


It is a jumpsuit made of Radilon Chill-fit, an innovative nylon yarn - made by RadiciGroup in its production sites with low environmental impact - that gives the fabric excellent technical performance: it is able, in fact, to guarantee a perfect thermal regulation and ensure freshness and comfort throughout the day. Given its extreme comfort, the jumpsuit worn during the day can quickly turn into the "basis" of an elegant evening outfit by simply adding a kimono-dress, made in nylon, to ensure complete future recyclability.


The outfit is the result of the collaboration between RadiciGroup and the talented designer Anita Bertini, a young designer at POLI.Design (an international reference for postgraduate training at Politecnico di Milano): the goal is to propose a wardrobe made of essential, durable and recyclable garments, which offer endless possibilities of matching without ever compromising personal style and commitment to a better world. Two companies from the Italian textile scenario collaborated on this project as technical partners: Calzificio Argopi for the creation of the jumpsuit and Erco Pizzi for the kimono-dress fabric.


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