Smart Plastics: focus on high performance polymer materials

RadiciGroup delivers solutions in step with the trends in the automotive industry and the changes in health and safety law


Performance, safety and lower cost: these are the key words that guide the RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area in the development of new polyamide engineering plastics for automotive applications. The automotive industry needs versatile high performance products addressing a variety of requirements, but always in conformance with the increasingly more stringent parameters for safety and CO2 emission reduction.


This is RadiciGroup’s motivation for sponsoring Smart Plastics 2018, an event wholly dedicated to high performance polymers and taking place at the highly prestigious Museo Storico Alfa Romeo [Alfa Romeo History Museum] in Arese, Italy. The Smart Plastics forum is an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas on the state of the art of engineering plastics and composites: their applications, design and processing technologies.  


In his presentation on 19 April, Erico Spini, marketing and application development director Europe of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics, said: “During the last 10 years, our Research & Development team has been working on a path of continual ‘evolution’, which has led to the expansion of our range of engineering plastics, with the addition of new products and brands – from PA 6.6 Radilon® HHR to PA 6 and PA 6.6 Radistrong®, as well as the more recent entries, PPA Radilon® Aestus T and PPS Raditeck® P. Our goal has always been to give the best possible response to market stimuli, particularly in the fields of metal replacement and improved chemical and high temperature resistance.”  


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