Ski Lifestyle: performance and recyclability

RadiciGroup delivers a 100% nylon, 100% recyclable garment to its Ski Club athletes and coaches: a circular economy runs in the family

Ski Life Style: prestazioni e riciclabilitàThis morning, the coaches of the RadiciGroup Ski Club were presented with a new 100% nylon gilet, made by RadiciGroup with the collaboration of the companies in its 100% European production chain. The gilet will be worn in the future by all RadiciGroup Ski Club athletes. This monomaterial garment was developed within an ecodesign framework and can, therefore, be easily recycled mechanically at the end of its life, thus becoming a secondary raw plastic material to be used for technical and industrial applications.


The RadiciGroup gilet is an actual example of the circular economy in action – an approach much talked about, but which few enterprises are capable of implementing in house. RadiciGroup’s unique vertically integrated production makes the Group the only one in Europe capable of controlling its entire production process, from the production of polymer chemicals to fibres and engineering plastics, down to end-of-life recycling.        


“In sport and business, what counts is performance,” stressed Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup and the main sponsor of the Ski Club. “Speaking as a sportsman and an entrepreneur, I believe we must always work towards improving ourselves on a daily basis, particularly improving our professional competence. Each goal we set has to become a stimulus to do more and better. This is what we at RadiciGroup are trying to do with our products, by working on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our production plants. For over 75 years, our constant commitment, continual training and close relationship with our customers have allowed us to deliver the best products, satisfy the demands of a highly competitive and demanding market, like textiles, and provide answers to sustainability problems.”


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