Renewable resources at the base of the new RadiciGroup PPE: the Group's solutions on display at A+A

In the Radipeople® range, ISCC PLUS certified "bio-circular" garments with high levels of protection for different industrial sectors


RadiciGroup is exhibiting its Radipeople® line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at A+A (Stand 16G36-2), an international trade fair for personal protective solutions and occupational health and safety, taking place in Dusseldorf from 24 to 27 October 2023.


At the event, the Group is highlighting the expanded range and sustainability of its PPE product offering: the Radipeople® line, launched in October 2021, which has been enhanced with new solutions for diverse protective needs, from complex barriers against the permeation of chemical agents to more basic protection for light maintenance work or do-it-yourself projects.

“Radipeople® meets the technical performance requirements of numerous industries,” Andrea Borgis, head of the Radipeople® business line, confirmed. “We now offer a complete range of garments featuring a long-lasting high level of protection with a barrier effect against a good many chemical substances used in various industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. We also have Flame Retardant coveralls with high flame resistance, which are ideal for fire-risk situations thanks to their self-extinguishing properties, and Comfort overalls with a special breathable back panel for optimal moisture and heat management. Moreover, in keeping with RadiciGroup’s sustainability strategy, we are increasingly promoting our ISCC PLUS-certified coveralls. These garments have the same level of protection as traditional ones, but have lower environmental impact, because they are made of fabric containing varying percentages of renewable resource material, from a minimum of 66% to a maximum of 100%.”


The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a certification for circular materials whose traceability is ensured through the whole supply chain. ISCC also verifies that the certified companies meet high environmental and social standards.


Therefore, choosing Radipeople® bio-circular coveralls means combining safety and sustainability, as well as opting for protective garments made in Italy. The all-Italian production and supply chain ensures carefully selected raw materials and high-quality finished products.


“We hope that more and more users start paying more attention to the environmental impact of their PPE,” Mr. Borgis concluded. “Radipeople® is synonymous with product and system sustainability that guarantees maximum comfort and technical performance.”


Indeed, at RadiciGroup, great attention is paid to implementing environmental and socially sustainable practices in all business sectors. The RadiciGroup company that manufactures nonwovens and PPE can count on 100% clean energy and certified Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental and Energy management systems to maintain the highest standards.


Since 2004, RadiciGroup has published an annual Sustainability Report, based on the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, with the objective of transparently reporting on the activities of all Group companies from economic, social and environmental points of view.

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