Radyarn® and Starlight® polyester yarns take centre stage at Heimtextil

RadiciGroup, a leading European producer of a vast range of polyester yarn, is back in Frankfurt at HEIMTEXTIL 2015 with the FR and BACTERIOSTATIC versions of its Radyarn® and Starlight® yarns.

Within the context of its FR Total Care project, RadiciGroup is introducing polyester continuous filament yarn featuring intrinsic flame-retardant properties. Radyarn® and Starlight® Flame Retardant yarns – available in solution-dyed, antibacterial and UV-stabilized versions – are ideal for applications in the indoor and outdoor textile furnishings and contract sectors, because they add high performance, safety and functionality to fabrics. These yarns also feature softness, breathability, colourfastness and high quality.

“These flame retardant products continue to generate positive feedback from the market,” said Andrea Marcassoli, of Noyfil SpA Technical Assistance. “During this past year we have worked hard on optimizing the products through analysis and testing in order to provide our customers with yarns for flame-retardant fabrics compliant with all the strictest laws, standards and regulations, which may be different from country to country and may depend on the type of application.”

“The value added we offer our customers lies in being more than just a supplier,” Mr. Marcassoli continued. “Through FR Total Care, a project founded through the partnership of synthetic fibre industry leaders, in which RadiciGroup is represented by its companies Noyfil SA and Noyfil SpA, we are able to provide full-spectrum service, including support throughout the fabric design, processing, testing and certification stages.”

“In 2014, growth in these flame-retardant products has continued its upward trend,” said Maurizio Vedovati, general manager of Noyfil SpA and sales manager of the RadiciGroup Polyester Business RadiciGroup. “This is particularly the case for FR versions stabilized against the effects of outdoor exposure, such as our FR UV-stabilized Radyarn® and Starlight® yarns, which are available in a wide range of solution-dyed colours and resistant to photodegradation, and our FR Bacteriostatic with bacteriostatic functionality added. For 2015, we have a good growth outlook (+20%) for our flame-retardant products, both in the solution-dyed variants and the dyed yarn for traditional applications in the furnishings segment. For this year, we also foresee 15% growth for the microfibre FR and solution-dyed bacteriostatic yarn lines.”

RADYARN® AND STARLIGHT® BACTERIOSTATIC… Polyester yarn manufactured with a nanostructured silver additive incorporated into the fibre during the extrusion stage before spinning (no post-treatment needed), which endows the yarn with bacteriostatic properties that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria on the fabric.

Radyarn® and Starlight® Bacteriostatic yarns ensure complete production versatility: the product range is available in all solution-dyed PET versions in combination with flame retardant FR and FR-UV-stabilized.