Radilon®, DORIX® and Raditeck® polyamide yarn and staple at Techtextil.

Second day of Techtextil: the event is the ultimate showcase for RadiciGroup’s RADILON®, DORIX® and RADITECK® polyamide yarn and staple fibre brands.

A varied product portfolio comprising PA6 and PA6.6 yarn (Radilon®), PA6 staple fibre (Radilon® and DORIX), PA6.10 yarn and staple (Radilon® 6.10 and DORIX® 6.10) and high-tenacity PA6.6 yarn (RADITECK® DoubleSix and RADITECK® Fine).
PA6 and PA6.6 Radilon® yarn: Excellence Made In Italy…
Radilon® PA6 and PA6.6 yarns stand for high quality and performance, plus a high degree of customization and sustainability. These products are available in a wide variety of counts, lustres, colours and versions. From monofilament to super microfibre, from bright to extra full dull, from flat to texturized, from raw to solution-dyed. A portfolio of products developed by RadiciGroup to best meet the application needs of the textile/apparel, technical and industrial textile sectors.
RadiciGroup @ Techtextil“We are constantly working on optimizing our product line,” said Filippo Bona of Radici Yarn R&D. “Just as we are constantly committed to collaborating with our customers and providing them with a complete range of services. Over the years, our Group has built up a wide product offering in keeping with our strategy to develop differentiated solutions tailored to specific application needs. Recently, we introduced two new kinds of polyamide yarns, Radilon® Mélange and Radilon® Soft, which are currently being showcased at Techtextil. The Mélange line features 100% polyamide products with technical characteristics that allow for obtaining two-tone effects while endowing the fabric with the look and feel of silk.”
“The new Soft products are a family of air-textured products combining a natural look and feel with the characteristics of polyamide fibres,” Mr. Bona continued. “These high-performance yarns are ideal for the sportswear and technicalwear sectors and are available in counts from 90 to 370 dtex. The Soft line is the result of innovative development work made possible by our synergies with Group company Radici Chimica, whose extensive know-how in the production of polyamide polymers is a competitive advantage and an important strength of our entire Group.”