RADIGREEN® at Domotex: Performance and Customization.

RadiciGroup once again takes centre stage at Domotex with its high-performance and fully customizable RADIGREEN® range of polyamide and polyolefin artificial grass yarn. RadiciGroup’s long tradition in the synthetic turf sector and the high flexibility of Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA’s manufacturing complex, allow the Group to walk its customers step-by-step through the development process to achieve the best customized solutions for their end-user applications.

In the case of landscaping applications – outdoor and indoor use, residential or commercial installations, fair areas or special design projects –, choosing yarn from the RADIGREEN® product range means choosing the utmost level of creativity, innovation, customization, production flexibility, and safety. RadiciGroup’s Radigreen® polyamide and polyolefin fibres feature performance characteristics that make them ideal for the manufacture of turf with high durability and excellent appearance. Just one example is the My Radigreen® yarn range: exclusive “All In One” combinations of straight and textured monofilaments that give turf makers freedom of creativity, maximum production flexibility and choice from a wide range of colours. Key benefits of using artificial grass include: reduced water consumption, minimal maintenance and no use of pesticides. Additional key benefits ensured by My RADIGREEN® products are: an evergreen lawn and maximum creative customization. Outdoor synthetic turf can bring value to public and private spaces alike, opening up possibilities for unexpected uses of such places and making outside areas more liveable – all the while allowing for maximum design creativity.
Durability is one of the primary requirements for the fibres used in the manufacture of synthetic turf pitches and fields in the sport sector (football, tennis, golf, hockey, 5-a–side football, American football, rugby), the main target market of RadiciGroup’s artificial grass yarn. RADIGREEN® yarn is endowed with performance characteristics that allow it to fully meet such requirements.One of the feathers in RadiciGroup’s cap for the sport sector is the RADIGREEN® MFL range of PT and PE monofilaments, products capable of delivering maximum performance on the playing field.
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