Radifloor® Solid: polyamide in 112 colour shades for carpet tiles and fitted carpet

A new colour chart of solution-dyed BCF yarns for contract and residential textile flooring


A range of colours meeting the market’s requirements for looks, performance and sustainability: the new Radifloor® Solid BCF PA 6 1300 F68 colour chart from RadiciGroup Performance Yarn makes its debut in the contract and residential flooring market with an array of high-quality yarns that reduce the environmental impact of the end product.


The colour chart encompasses 112 of the colours most widely used by interior designers, with a predominance of beige and grey shades, together with bright colours in many tones.


The yarns belonging to this family have two traits in common: they are all solution-dyed – thus aimed at saving water – and all branded RadiciGroup, a name that stands for the top of its category. These sophisticated products boast still another new feature: an accurate sampling service for customers.


“With this new colour chart, we wanted to sum up all our experience acquired during the last few years,” said Arturo Andreoni, marketing and R&D director of RadiciGroup Performance Yarn, “and make high performance polyamide yarn available to the contract and residential sectors. Our yarns stand for sustainability, in that they are not only solution-dyed but also produced in plants certified to ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and OHSAS 18001:2007 – Environmental, Quality, Energy and Health & Safety Management Systems, respectively. All this goes to say how sustainability is more than a business strategy promoted by management: it is a well-organized approach shared by all the people working at our plants.”


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