Radifloor®: new entries in the 2016 collection

The 2016 Radifloor® collection includes even more diversified polyamide 6 and 6.6 BCF yarn lines. Radifloor® — RadiciGroup’s top brand for the textile flooring sector — is the result of the long-established know-how of Group company RadiciFil. In 2016, Domotex, the leading international trade fair for floor coverings, is, once again, a showcase for the Radifloor® product portfolio and its new entries. 

At the Hannover event, RadiciGroup is shining a spotlight on its new polyamide 6.6 developments: low-dpf BCF SOFT yarns for applications in the Contract and, especially, the high-end Residential segments.
“Product optimization and customization to any particular application continue to be the central tenets of our customer approach,” said Paolo Rossi, of RadiciFil BCF Yarn Technical Development. ”This year, our BCF yarn collection is expanding to include new low-dpf SOFT polyamide 6.6 products such as Radifloor® PA6.6 850-dtex 256-filment semi-dull yarn. The yarn line was specifically developed to keep up with the latest style trends in the market and to meet the strictest performance requirements. With these new Radifloor® products, our customers in the Residential, as well as others, will be able to make soft, durable carpets in up-to-date looks. 
“Considerable effort is being devoted to producing and processing this very low denier polyamide 6.6 SOFT yarn,” Mr. Rossi continued. “It is a difficult challenge, which we are taking on not only by optimizing the spinning production process at RadiciFil, but also by using the advanced transformation and processing technology available at Logit, a Group company located in the Czech Republic. Targeting multiple market segments, the ultra high-end Residential in particular, requires a lot of commitment, but our customers are rewarding our efforts. Customer response, together with our success in creating products that exactly meet customer needs, is what motivates us to do even better.”
“Radifloor® PA6.6 1000f49 and Radifloor® PA6.6 1350f68 round out RadiciGroup’s PA6.6 range for the contract sector at Domotex 2016,” said Marco Magnani, of RadiciFil BCF Yarn Technical Development. “These yarns feature even better performance – particularly in terms of tenacity and resistance to wear over time, achieved through the optimization work done at RadiciFil during the past year.”
For more information on all the new RadiciGroup products showcased at Domotex 2016, see the latest edition of our VOICES magazine.