Radifloor® 2015 at Domotex: What’s new in the range

This year at Domotex, the preeminent showcase for Radifloor®, RadiciGroup is officially introducing its new 2015 BCF yarn collection

This year at Domotex, the preeminent showcase for Radifloor®, RadiciGroup is officially introducing its new 2015 BCF yarn collection, a product line that has been optimized, rationalized and enhanced with more low-dpf polyamide 6.6 SOFT options. At centre stage is Radifloor® PA 6.6 1100 dtex 256-filament yarn, a very low denier yarn with very thin extra-bright filaments (4.3 dpf). This speciality yarn is ideal for the manufacture of carpets sporting the latest trendy looks dictated by the market, but at the same time requiring excellent performance in terms of quality, brilliance, softness, safety and, last but not least, resilience.

"The challenge we face with our new polyamide 6.6 Radifloor® SOFT line is to make increasingly thinner yarns for the manufacture of designer and soft-hand carpets," commented Roberto Vedovati, manager of Technical Assistance and Yarn Development at Radici Fil. "Not only do these yarns have to be thinner, but they also have to be highly resilient."

 "This new Radifloor® yarn can satisfy the requirements of even our most demanding customers, who are mainly in the residential sector. But, thanks to the yarn's high resilience provided by the nylon 6.6 component, customers in the high-end contract sectors can also benefit," Mr. Vedovati continued. "Collaboration with our customers played a fundamental role in the development of this product. Especially gratifying to us was the launch of a carpet collection manufactured using our new Radifloor® PA 6.6 1100 dtex 256-filament yarn during this past year by a major French customer, a leading company in the sector. Now, we are officially adding it to the Group product portfolio being introduced at Domotex 2015. At the fair we are also showcasing other carpet prototypes manufactured using a semi-dull version of our PA 6.6 BCF yarn with an even lower dpf, about 3.3. This Radifloor® yarn may be added to our upcoming 2016 product range."

Moreover, a solution-dyed polyamide 6 family of yarns for the contract sector has been developed.
At Domotex 2015, RadiciGroup is presenting its new Radifloor® PA 61400f48 – 29.2 dpf line, which has been tested and approved on large-scale projects implemented by a RadiciGroup customer, a major industry player. Starting in 2015, these products will officially be part of the Radifloor® Solid line.