RadiciGroup: twelve years of commitment to sustainability.

Always looking ahead to reach new important goals. The Group has published its Sustainability Report 2015.

A content rich Report that gives a faithful picture of RadiciGroup’s industrial activities by providing data, figures and results on economic, social and environmental sustainability. The 2015 Sustainability Report of Radici Partecipazioni SpA and associated companies was officially presented this past 10 October at the parent company’s Bergamo headquarters in the presence of some of the company’s main stakeholder groups.
  • Investments of over EUR 30 million to support Group company competitiveness.
  • Commitment to improving production plant efficiency and environmental performance.
  • Continuous communication with stakeholders.
  • More hours of training and education for employees.  
  • Effort and action towards a sustainable supply chain.
  • Parent company Radici Partecipazioni achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification