RadiciGroup, the bio-based polyamide road to sustainability: state-of-the-art and potential developments

Let’s talk about these topics during a special webinar on the UL Prospector Platform


Sustainability is “the" topic. RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is a company that has been implementing concrete actions for many years to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and products.

In this scenario, a significant contribution to sustainability goals may derive from the use of totally or partially bio-based polyamides.

This is why a webinar in collaboration with UL Prospector is scheduled for 15 March at 14:00 (CET), where the experts of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers will focus on consolidated achievements, but above all on the new challenges to be tackled in the near future.

The use of renewable sources is increasingly strategic, also to meet the demands of markets and application sectors, which are committed to a decarbonized production system.

The Webinar is dedicated to the presentation of families of materials, among which PA610, PA510, PA1012 and PA56, starting with the description of the starting monomers down to the finished ready-to-use products from compounding.

A comparison of material properties and environmental impact will be made. Commonly used products of fossil origin will also be included in the comparison.

Potential applications of the various product families will be pointed out and the related characterization data will be compared.

The properties and applications of the Radilon® D product family will also be discussed. Radilon® Ds are PA610 materials made of 64% bio-based currently used for series production of technical components.


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