RadiciGroup technical yarn portfolio takes centre stage at Techtextil 2013

During Techtextil 2013, leading event for technical fabrics and nonwovens held in Frankfurt (11-13 June), RadiciGroup is focusing on some of its most recent developments.

HIGHLIGHTS - NYLON YARN...  Radilon® PA6.10, a new nylon yarn with a smaller environmental footprint, achieved through the use of 64% renewable source polymer of biological origin.  Raditeck® Fine, this range of fine-count, high-tenacity PA66 yarn has been enhanced with new air-textured items.

HIGHLIGHTS - POLYESTER YARN...  Radyarn® and Starlight® Trace Micro Taggant, polyester yarn with anti-counterfeiting, tracing capabilities. Radyarn® and Starlight® UV Protection, polyester yarn with sunscreening properties.

“Following last year’s launch of our nylon 6.10 staple fibre,” Filippo Bona, of Radici Yarn’s R&D Department, said, “we have achieved another important development using a polymer of biological origin. Starting this year, we have expanded our Radilon® line of continuous filament yarn to include not only PA6 and PA66-based products, but also a PA6.10 version. The biological content and technical characteristics of this new Radilon® PA6.10 product make it the ideal yarn for high performance technical fabrics, it offers comfort, light weight, less water absorption, resistance and colourfastness. All these properties, plus less environmental impact. The sustainability aspect is becoming more and more important and, for this reason, our entire yarn production chain has been concentrating on it for some time.” The new Radilon® PA6.10 yarn range is made from a polymer developed and produced by Radici Chimica SpA, RadiciGroup’s Italian chemical facility. Vertical integration of polyamide 66 production is a well-known strong point of the Group. “We have been producing high volumes of this new polymer since May of last year, and market response has been very good,” Nicolangelo Peduto, of Radici Chimica’s R&D Department, stated. “Firstly, compared to other long-chain polyamides, it is a highly competitive material in terms of cost/performance. In all products – from yarn to staple fibre and engineering plastics – polymer 6.10 maximizes technical performance and contributes to reducing the environmental impact of specific applications on account of its renewable source content. Therefore, it ensures performance and sustainability. This is the winning combination to stay competitive in today’s market. And that’s a fact.”

POLYESTER YARN...  “At the Frankfurt event this year, we want to highlight two new specialities for technical textiles,” said Daniele Dossi, quality manager of Noyfil SA. “We were able to develop these items because of our in-house technology. Our Trace yarns boast permanent traceability, which is mainly used to combat counterfeiting. When the yarn is incorporated into textiles, it allows for tracking the items without altering their look, feel or other properties. It’s like having a bar code in the fabric – polyester that is traceable through all processing stages.” Radyarn®/Starlight® UV-protection yarn, on the other hand, is ideal for manufacturing total protection sunscreen fabric, due to its superb UV-radiation reflection and absorption properties,” Mr. Dossi continued. “Our UV-protection yarn also offers high performance in resistance, colourfastness, life and abrasion resistance.”

Moreover, at Techtextil RadiciGroup is showcasing: Raditeck® DoubleSix, high-tenacity PA66 yarn ideal for automotive and industrial applications; Raditeck® acrylic yarn versions – AC (for anti-cracking concrete and mortar), RF (for fibre cement products) and High Performance (for industrial uses); Radilon® staple fibre and Dorix® solution-dyed PA6 staple fibre; Radilon® solution-dyed PA6 continuous filament yarn; and lastly Radyarn® and Starlight® high-performance polyester yarn and microfibre.

All the details are available in the press release.

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