RadiciGroup takes the field with the Italian National Football Team: new high-performance artificial grass turf at the Coverciano football technical centre

Tessiture Pietro Radici, an ancestral RadiciGroup company, is the producer of the polyethylene yarn used to manufacture the synthetic turf covering a new eleven-a-side football pitch, inaugurated on Tuesday, 8 September, at the Italian Football Federation's (FIGC) Federal Technical Centre (CTF) in Coverciano, with a friendly match between the staff of the Federation and some journalists of the sports press.

The installation was carried out following the FIGC technical sector’s decision to upgrade one of the CTF football pitches with artificial grass in order to ensure an ideal playable surface in any playing conditions.


The new synthetic turf was manufactured with Radigreen® MFL PE S-CORE yarn: monofilament yarn made of high-performance polymers, delivering high wear resistance, split resistance and playing field uniformity over time. The turf and the whole system were designed and produced by Sofisport, an Italian company specializing in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of artificial grass fields produced with the most up-to-date technologies.