RadiciGroup received award from top fuel filter producer in Latin America

Radici Plastics Ltda, a Brazil based company member of the RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area, received the prestigious "Destaque de Qualidade" award in recent weeks, sponsored by Tecfil, a major customer, the car filter production market leader in Latin America, with more than 5 million pieces per month.

Tecfil said the award expressed its appreciation for the quality and excellence of the innovative engineering plastics provided and of the accurate and continuous process monitoring service, among other reasons.

CEO Jane Campos emphasized that, «It is a very important award for Radici Plastics Ltda, which demonstrates our unique ability to support the customer through all the steps of the process, from design to finished product. Together with the Tecfil engineering department we found a specific solution for their needs, by providing two Radilon® brand products that can improve overall fuel filter performance».

The Radilon® range includes polymers that offer improved resistance to high temperatures (up to 230 degrees Calsius for Radilon® XTreme), reinforced materials for metal replacement and long-chain polyamides.


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