RadiciGroup Performance Plastics: 2015 sales revenue EUR 277 million. 2016 first half +3%.

Founded in 1981 and today boasting production facilities in Italy, Germany, the United States Mexico, Brazil, China and India, as well as a global sales network, RADICIGROUP PERFORMANCE PLASTICS, leading business area of RadiciGroup – an Italian multinational manufacturer with sales revenue of EUR 1,011 million and diversified businesses focusing on chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens – CLOSED THE 2015 FINANCIAL YEAR WITH CONSOLIDATED SALES REVENUE OF EUR 277 MILLION, A 9% INCREASE OVER 2014 (+12% COMPARED TO 2013).

The more than satisfactory results for the 2013-2015 three-year period show a business area in constant growth, with an upward trend continuing through the first half of 2016. A breakdown of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics sales revenue for 2015 is as follows: 54%, sales in Europe (16% Italy – 38% rest of Europe), and 46%, sales outside Europe.


“Last year we closed the financial year with consolidated sales revenue of EUR 277 million,” said Luigi Gerolla, CEO of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics. “And, assuming the good trend recorded during the first six months of 2016 continues during the second half, we expect growth of about 3%. During the 2016-2017 period, a 20% increase in worldwide production capacity is planned: in Europe (with special emphasis on Germany), as well as in North America, South America and Asia.”


“Globalizing production so as to be close to our international customers and, at the same time, developing local markets continues to be our main industrial strategy,” Mr. Gerolla added. “We implement this strategy hand-in-hand with our fundamental R&D work to create new increasingly higher performance and ever more customized products, which we develop in collaboration with our customers for any type of specific application. In a few months at the K 2016 trade fair, we are going to officially present RADILON® Aestus T, a new PPA product line, the latest addition to our family of high-temperature-resistant specialties. Our RADIFLAM® S flame-retardant engineering plastics have also been a source of great satisfaction for us. The Brazilian market recognized these plastics by including them among the materials used to manufacture the seats for five of the sport facilities where, in just a few days, the Rio 2016 Olympic games are going to take place.”


In 2015, automotive was the driving segment of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics. The US, China and Germany were the markets where automotive performed particularly well. Automotive generated about 60% of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics’ sales revenue. 

“The automotive industry,” Maurizio Radici, vice president and COO of RadiciGroup, said, “has been the driving force for this business area, as well as others. It’s the number-one sales market for our Group. We supply this industry with a variety of products including engineering plastics, polyamide and polyester synthetic fibres, and nonwovens. And, during the last few months, we’ve had the opportunity to showcase our large product portfolio at the headquarters of car giants like BMW and Jaguar, to mention just a few. During a series of meetings, we had in-depth technical discussions with these partners, which yielded very useful ideas on products, applications, eco-design and sustainability.  Sustainability is an issue that the automotive industry pays special attention to, and our Group strongly believes in it. We think sustainability is really one of the chief engines of innovation.”