RadiciGroup honoured with a Product Stewardship Award

RadiciGroup has added a further important recognition of its achievements on the sustainability front: a Product Stewardship Award from Federchimica, the Italian Chemical Industry Federation.

The award, which is bestowed on member companies that have excelled in their commitment to responsible product management, was recently presented during a ceremony at the Federchimica Milan headquarters.  RadiciGroup was specifically recognized for testing the Organisation Environmental Footprint  (OEF) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology for calculating and communicating the environmental performance of its products. The testing was carried out at Radici Chimica SpA – a production site in Novara engaged in the production of PA6.6 and related intermediates , after Radici Chimica signed a voluntary agreement in July 2013 with the Italian Ministry for the Environment to use the PEF method to assess, measure and quantify the reduction in the environmental impact of polyamide 6.6 and its intermediates attained through an emission abatement plant built at the Novara plant
“We are proud of the award,” said Paolo Radici, member of the Board of Directors of Radici Partecipazioni SpA. “This recognition will inspire us to pursue our sustainability objectives through concrete actions, with even greater determination and perseverance.”

 “For Radici Chimica the Product Stewardship Award represents a recognition of the concrete action taken to lower the environmental impact of the emissions associated with the processes and products at the Novara plant,” said Stefano Alini, corporate quality manager of RadiciGroup. “But that is not all. It recognizes the constant commitment of our Group to reconcile industrial activity with environmental sustainability wherever its companies operate by ensuring the reliability of its production processes, safeguarding the environment, promoting occupational health and safety, and caring about the safety of the environment and our communities.”