RadiciGroup for the community: once again Bergamo hosts an Alpine Skiing European Cup event organized by Sci Club Radici Group.

During the upcoming week, on 17 and 18 February, a women’s Alpine Skiing European Cup race is to be held in the Province of Bergamo.

The Mount Pora ski resort is hosting the European Cup ladies’ giant slalom, an international event featuring the world’s best professional and junior skiers. The two-day giant slalom event has been promoted and organized for the sixth year in a row by Sci Club Radici Group, a sports club with ten years of experience in the organization of Alpine Skiing European Cup events.

As part of its social and cultural commitment to local communities, RadiciGroup has always paid special attention to sport. Numerous sports associations receive support from RadiciGroup, and some of them, such as Sci Club Radici Group [skiing club], ASD Recastello-RadiciGroup, [amateur sports association], and Radici Nuoto [swimming club], even bear the corporate name.

On 30 January, at the RadiciGroup headquarters in Gandino, Bergamo, the programme of the prestigious Alpine Skiing European Cup event was presented to the press. Speakers at the press-conference were Ms. Olga Zambaiti Radici, president of Sci Club Radici Group, Mr. Ernesto Borsatti, deputy vice president and technical manager of the Club, and Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup.

The press conference was filled with emotions and heart-felt feelings. It started off with a moving video showing some of the great men who made history or wrote sports history, such as Ayrton Senna, Alex Zanardi, Greg Le Mond and Nelson Mandela, telling their stories of passion, determination, perseverance, love and the spirit of self-sacrifice – values that are crucial for men and women not only in the world of competitive sports but also in everyday life. Passion, with a capital P, was the main driving force behind Ski save the team, the new Sci Club Radici Group communication campaign, and the video dedicated to Fausto Radici, an entrepreneur and great sportsman [watch the Video].

“This year we decided to present the European Cup with an emphasis on emotions, by letting carefully selected images speak for themselves. And they illustrate the values of sport very well, I believe,” said Ms. Zambaiti Radici. “These are the same values that we recognize and want to communicate through our new communication campaign, Ski save the team. We put ourselves into play with a sense of humour, but we present ourselves as a team with a mission: tracing the course of passion, nationally and internationally, in a highly professional manner and with full commitment.”
After thanking all the sponsors and all the people involved in organizing the event, Ms. Zambaiti Radici continued her talk highlighting a new Sci Club Radici Group project, code name Scio [“I ski”], for school children: “We would like to foster the culture of sport among the small children in our community. It will be vital to raise awareness in all the schools, starting with nursery schools and kindergartens, so that skiing instruction is given its rightful space. Let us not forget that today’s children, if taught to love sports, are going to become men and women who, in the future, will love and respect our beautiful and precious land and mountains.”

“Big names from Italy and around the world are expected to participate in the European Cup event at Mount Pora,“ Mr. Ernesto Borsatti commented.The races will take place on the Fausto Radici technical course with a 365-m vertical drop. I want to give a special thank you to the Mount Pora ski resort and the Pasinetti family members, who have been our partners in the Alpine Skiing European Cup adventure since 2009, making it possible to host this international sports event in the Province of Bergamo. I also want to thank Mr. Carmelo Ghilardi, president of the FISI Regional Committee for the Central Alps, who helped us to bring two women’s European Cup giant slalom competitions to Bergamo.”

Among the authorities present at the press-conference were: Enrico Negretti, general director of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI), Carmelo Ghilardi, president of the FISI Regional Committee for the Central Alps, Alessandro Cottini, executive councillor for Hunting, Fishing and Sport of the Province of Bergamo, Mauro Pezzoli, mayor of Castione della Presolana, Elio Castelli, mayor of Gandino, and Paolo Carminati, president of the Bergamo Chapter of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI).