RadiciGroup for the automotive industry: an opportunity to exchange ideas on innovation and sustainability at BMW.

Promoting new relationships and a direct exchange of ideas on products, innovation and sustainability. With this objective in mind, RadiciGroup recently participated at a “Supplier Day” held at the BMW research and innovation centre, Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum (FIZ), in Munich.

About a hundred engineers and technical specialists of the German auto giant BMW attended the RadiciGroup supplier day event, where RadiciGroup described its corporate structure, presented its broad diversified portfolio of products for automotive applications – ranging from engineering plastics to synthetic fibres and nonwovens – and illustrated its main achievements on sustainability. The last aspect is of central importance to the automotive industry, which has become increasingly sensitive and attentive to environmental issues. At the FIZ centre, RadiciGroup had a dedicated area to exhibit samples of its products, as well as sample parts, and give presentations on technical aspects related to innovation and sustainability.
“Such events are a unique opportunity for in-depth technical discussion,” said Filippo Servalli, marketing director of RadiciGroup. “They are occasions that bring together two players in the automotive production chain – auto manufacturers and suppliers of semi-finished goods – so they can meet and exchange ideas on products, performance and application specific needs and requirements. Face-to-face talks can turn out to be especially useful in the implementation of eco-design solutions. To help the market and our customers achieve sustainable innovation is among our Group’s main objectives, and eco-design is a fundamental component of our strategy.”
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