RadiciGroup for technical textile applications: a full product range at Techtextil 2015.

RadiciGroup is back at TECHTEXTIL – a leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, from 4 to 7 May 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany – with a strong portfolio of products and brands.

  • RADYARN® AND STARLIGHT® POLYESTER YARN: from conventional flame retardant, UV-stabilized and bacteriostatic products, to the innovative new Ceramic line.
  • RADILON®, DORIX® AND RADITECK® POLYAMIDE YARN AND STAPLE: PA6 and PA6.6 yarn (Radilon®) - PA6 staple fibre (Radilon® and DORIX®) - PA6.10 yarn and staple fibre (Radilon® 6.10 and DORIX® 6.10) - high tenacity PA6.6 yarn (RADITECK® DoubleSix and RADITECK® Fine).
  • DYLAR® SPUNBOND NONWOVENS: Anti-UV and UV Plus spunbond nonwovens and flame-retardant spunbond nonwovens.
  • RADIPOL® POLYAMIDE POLYMERS: reduced environmental impact polyamides such as PA6.10 - PA6.12 long-chain polyamides - high-temperature-resistant polyamides - a line of innovative metal detectable products.